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26 July: Darren Lynn Bousman...

13 June: added two new signed photos from Costas Mandylor

21 March: added a new signed photo from Athena Karkanis & Mark Rolston

14 February: added a new signed photo from Mark Rolston

Shawnee Smith & Tobin Bell
"Amanda" & "Jigsaw"

Tobin Bell & Betsy Russell
"John" & "Jill"

Mark Rolston & Athena Karkanis
"Erickson" & "Perez"

Tobin Bell


 Julie Benz


 Darren Lynn Bousman
Director - Saw 2, 3 & 4

Tim Burd


 Mike Butters


Cary Elwes
"Dr Gordon"


Michael Emerson
"Zep Hindle"


Sean Patrick Flanery
"Bobby Dagen"

Barry Flatman
"Judge Halden"


Danny Glover
"Detective David Tapp"

Larissa Gomes

Kevin Greutert
Editor, Saw - Saw 5 and director of Saw 6!


 Noam Jenkins


 Athena Karkanis
"Agent Perez"


Mpho Koaho

J Larose


 Costas Mandylor




 Debra Lynne McCabe


Dina Meyer
"Detective Kerry"


Beverley Mitchell



 Tony Nappo


Julian Richings
"The Vagrant"

Mark Rolston



 Betsy Russell




Shawnee Smith




 Emmanuelle Vaugier



 Donnie Wahlberg
"Detective Eric Matthews"


James Wan
Director, Saw

Leigh Whannell